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Strategic Plans

2009-2012 Strategic Plan

Annual Reports


Men's Briefs

Victoria Needle Safety Toolkit

Clean and Safe Committee's Needle Safety Toolkit 2009

Research publications

To read publications from local research that AVI has partnered in, visit our local research page.

Community Health Online Digital Archive Research Resource (CHODARR)

AIDS Vancouver Island is a participant in the CHODARR project. CHODARR is a permanent, catalogued and publicly accessible online digital archive of research materials related to health and social welfare, with an emphasis on housing, gender, aboriginal issues, HIV and mental health. The goal of CHODARR is to improve health and social welfare research and advocacy by providing researchers and social justice advocates a resource to share and preserve their research products.

AVI's archive of newsletters, publications, reports, pamphlets, posters and other documents have been digitized as a collection within the CHODARR database. To access these, please


HIV Screening Case Study 

A Best Practice: Tla’amin Health Services, Powell River September 2014