PrEP access update thanks to the Davie Buyers Club!

How to access no-cost PrEP in BC via the Centre for Excellence's Drug Treatment Program (DTP):

1. Visit your doctor/ nurse practitioner to be assessed for starting or continuing PrEP. Complete the required screening tests. 
2. Your MD/NP must call the CFE DTP at 604-806-8515 to request the enrollment/ prescription form and provide a fax number. The DTP will FAX this form to your MD/NP*
3. Your MD/NP completes the form and faxes it back to DTP at 604-806-9044
4. DTP reviews the request and fills the prescription. The medication can be picked up at St. Paul's Ambulatory Pharmacy in Vancouver, or shipped to a patient's community pharmacy elsewhere**

*Note: having doctors call DTP for the requisition to be faxed is only temporary -- it will be available on the CFE website eventually

**Note: the approval and dispensing process is not same-day like most pharmacy experiences. Anticipate a week or more between when the requisition is submitted and when the medication is available to the patient

This information was obtained in a phone conversation with DTP on 03-Jan-2018.

Please note we can help you through this process in Victoria tomorrow evening from 5:30-7pm at our Men's* Testing clinic at 713 Johnson Street in the Cool Aid Clinic!