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Our Board of Directors

AVI's Board of Directors represent the agency in the community and guide the policy and governance of AVI. Individuals are elected to these positions at the Annual General Meeting.

2014-2015 Board of Directors

  • Herb Neufeld, Chair
  • Bob Clark, Vice President
  • Lisa Cowan, Secretary
  • Mike Kalinka, Treasurer
  • Charlene Anderson, Member-at-large
  • Andrew Beckerman,  Member-at-Large
  • Frank Buruma, Member-at-large
  • Brett Harper, Member-at-large
  • Will Nikl, Member-at-large
  • Antonio Marante, Member-at-large
  • Sherri Pooyak, Member-at-large
  • Katrina Jensen, (ex-officio, Executive Director)

Strategic Plan

2009-2012 Strategic Plan

Annual Reports can be found here