NEW: Community-Led Crisis Response Program Delivered by AVI Staff!

"Community-Led Crisis Response Team Service Map"  Crisis occurs > Call or Text Hotline (public access to come) > Assessment: CLCR Screening and Assessment Service Worker completes assessment of client's needs over the phone/text > Dispatch:> CLCR Team dispatched. Screening and Assessment Service Worker continues phone support.>Team Arrives: Client-centered, consent based care. Immediate crisis management, Community Care Plan (resource navigation).  Offer to follow-up.> 48 Hours Later > Follow Up Care.

What is the Community-Led Crisis Response Team? 

The Community-Led Crisis Response Team (CLCR), a peer-assisted care program, is a mobile crisis response team led by persons with lived/living experience and mental health professionals, who are able to de-escalate crises and develop community care plans with persons experiencing crisis.

The CLCR Team is an alternate approach to responding to someone in crisis that focuses on health, well-being and community support.  Utilizing a community-based, client-centered, trauma-informed response, this service is an alternative to a police response.

CLCR is delivered by a team of AVI Staff and is funded by the Province of British Columbia and the BC branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.  

At present, the Community-Led Crisis Response Team has soft-launched to specific community, mental health and substance use related services in the Victoria community. At this time, the team is engaged in carefully providing crisis de-escalation and support services and are participating in community feedback to ensure an equitable, transparent and culturally safe service is provided. 

We look forward to becoming a service available to the general public in the future. 

For inquiries related to the CLCR Program Contact Lacey Mesley at