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Workshops Available through AIDS Vancouver Island

All workshops are interactive and include group games and discussion.

Bonus: Experiential speakers available upon request!

HIV/AIDS: The Basics – This workshop is a basic introduction to HIV/AIDS, including how HIV affects someone’s health over time, how the virus can spread, testing for HIV and how to prevent transmission.

Hep C: The Basics – Another great introduction workshop, only this time covering Heptatitis C! We will talk about how liver health and function is affected by the Hep C virus, as well as how Hep C is transmitted. This is partnered with prevention information related to substance use and safer body art.

Sex, Society & You – A safe space for youth to use a critical lens to explore how social messages and media imagery can impact our ideas about sex and sexuality. Includes an examination of social messaging, and how they impact our definitions of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

PartySafe 101 for Peer Counselors! – This workshop will help peer counselors explore what they know about the pros and cons of “partying”, and use their skills to prepare to party more safely – both with their friends, and for themselves. Great “Grad Time” prep workshop!

“H, H & T”: Addressing Homophobia, Heterosexism and Transphobia – In this fun, activities-filled workshop, participants will learn what HH&T are, how they impact our society, and how we can work together to create a healthy, strong and diverse community for us all.

The Fix: Understanding Drugs, Addictions & Wellness - In this introductory workshop, participants will explore the truths and bust the myths about drug use and addiction. We will discuss what factors can create addiction, how substances affect the brain, how to reduce the harm associated with drug use, and how to recognize when someone is at risk and find supports.

Safer Needle Handling & “Play Safe” – As the name says, this simple workshop will walk you through the steps needed to handle abandoned needles more safely, and what to do if someone gets poked by accident. Formats to fit any age group, including schools and daycare providers, including a unique curriculum to teach children how to “play safe” in public settings.

Also available – “Train the Trainers” for any and all professionals, custom-fit to your needs and timeline. Interested?

For workshops in your region, contact: AVI Victoria: Heidi Exner heidi.exner(at) Phone: 250-384-2366

AVI Nanaimo: Claire Dineen claire.dineen(at) Phone: 250-753-2437

AVI Courtney and Campbell River Jeanette Reinhardt jeanette.reinhardt(at) Phone: 250-830-0787 1-877-650-8787

AVI Port Hardy Roby Sharma roby.sharma(at) Phone: 250-949-0432