Men's Wellness Peer Leadership

2017 Peer Leadership Program Launch

AIDS Vancouver Island’s Men’s Wellness Program is accepting registrants for a new Peer Leadership Program:

Are you a gay, bi, queer, pan, two-spirit or other man who has sex with men?

Are you interested in health, wellness, communication, community, resilience and capacity building? Do you want to be part of building communities where we are equipped and empowered to look after our bodies, our minds, and each other? Are you interested in fighting the stigma, discrimination and homophobia standing in the way of justice and health?

If so – our peer leadership program is for you!

Peer Leaders will fill three main roles in AVI’s Men’s Wellness Program:

  • Peer Leaders will participate in focus groups to provide insight and feedback on the curriculum of the Peer Leadership program and other MWP initiatives. We want to draw on experiential knowledge to provide programing and services that meet the needs, wants and interests of our community and we want your help to figure out how to do this. Since this program is new – there will be a particular emphasis on this role for the first group.
  • Peer Leaders will participate in educational and capacity building workshops. Some of these will be on topics that are important for GBQ+ men’s health, like info about H.I.V. and sexual health, while other topics will be based on group interest and the feedback that we get from Peer Leaders.
  • As a keystone project during each Peer Leadership group, newly trained Peer Educators will use the skills and knowledge developed to give back to the community in tangible ways to support GBQ+/msm’s health. This could mean working to support existing programing in AVI’s Men’s Wellness Program – like “Screw Crew” outings delivering safer sex supplies, or writing material for our publication, “Men’s Briefs”. Or this could be an idea for an awesome new project that you bring to the program.  After the Peer Leadership program ends, we hope that participants will stay involved with the MWP program as Peer Educators - leading outreach efforts, co-facilitating workshops, or otherwise serving as the Men’s Wellness Program and the community.

Peer Educators will be provided with honoraria in two different ways:

  • When contributing a particular expertise to the program, such as leading an outreach outing, co-facilitating a workshop, or sharing experiential knowledge at a focus group, we will be able to recognize the work of Peer Educators with $20 an hour honorarium.
  • Participants in educational and capacity building workshops will be provided with snacks and a small cash stipend.  

Our Peer Leadership program will launch with a focus group on Wednesday, September 13th at 6 PM to 8 PM. We will be meeting in the second floor meeting room of the central branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, located at 735 Broughton Street. As this first session is a focus group, participants will be recognized with a $20 an hour honorarium. The first round of the Peer Leadership program will continue to meet weekly at this time and place.

The following round of the peer leadership program will begin in January, 2018.

Does this sound like a project that you would be interested in taking part in? Do you have any questions? Please email or to register or for more information.