Mens'capes 2017 Presentation Highlights


We are pleased to announce some highlights for this year's Men'scapes Conference. We only have a few spots left so make sure to register at if you would like to attend. 


Self-Care through Mindful Living: Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul

Facilitators: Yavhel Velazquez & Paul Mohapel

Mindfulness practices may contribute to opening a window to the heart and mind that can support healing, increase self-love and contribute to a more positive self-perception.

The presenters will provide the foundational principles of Mindfulness and offer techniques for nurturing the mind, body and soul. They will share personal perspectives, concepts and scientific research that offer mindfulness and meditation as a practice that can open the door to experience a more wholesome state of mind and enhance emotional well-being.

As part of the presentation, Yavhel and Paul will lead an Insight (Vipassana) and a Loving Kindness (Meta) meditation for the group.



temper-MENTAL: Facilitating Consensual Boundaries & Authentic Movement

Facilitators: Geoffrey Plint & Jeffry (Starface) Vos

Together we will safely explore the seas of our emotions, while releasing self-limiting beliefs and paralyzing thoughts.  Grab your body and let’s dance to the rhythm of self-care & compassionate love. temper MENTAL is a call to movement and change through the seasons.

Through musical curation and trauma-informed, somatic facilitation, this workshop aims to provide participants the opportunity to reduce discomfort, strain, tension, or worry, to improve self-confidence and emotional regulation, to observe and practice setting and respecting consensual boundaries, to play laugh and have fun through empowered movement and more.



Bursting Social Bubbles

Facilitator: Nick Sandor

Often, fear and ignorance are barriers to learning and exploring gender justice. “Bursting Social Bubbles” will explore these barriers as complacency and how this relates to community engagement. The presenter will share some of his experiences as an educator as to why heteronormative male-identified youth are often reluctant to participate in gender justice activities, and will provide some strategies to connect youth with these important topics. 

He will speak to the importance of sharing stories, the youth-power relationship, and social proximity. Using these topics, he'll share some perspectives from community members on how we can all build cohesive communities despite our percieved differences.