We're Hiring: Casual Front Desk Harm Reduction Peer Worker - Victoria

Summary of the Position:

Grid Level: 21, $21.48/hour

Hours of Work: Variable hours, between 10:00am – 3:00pm on Monday through Friday

Work Location: 713 Johnson Street, Victoria

Start Date: July 15, 2019

Job Summary:

The Front Desk Harm Reduction Peer Worker is the first point of contact for people wishing to access services at AVI during the day. This position provides harm reduction supplies and education to individuals requesting these supports. Also, this position contributes to the operations of the Front Desk providing a welcoming and engaging environment for clients and people accessing services at AVI, providing information and peer support and assisting with maintaining a safe space.

This position builds and maintains relationships with clients of AVI’s various programs as well as people who use drugs and who are experiencing other health and social issues such as poverty, homelessness, involvement in sex work, and living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, in order to make appropriate referrals.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Greets and engages clients and the general public at the Front Desk in person and on the phone in a friendly and welcoming manner
2. Directs clients and the general public to appropriate staff member or program
3. Distributes safer drug use and safer sex supplies
4. Provides harm reduction information (including drug and steroid) and referrals for other services
5. Provides coverage to the ‘front-of-house’, including monitoring activities in the stairwell and Access Health Centre lobby/cage
6. Responds to critical incidents maintaining client dignity and safety.
7. Able to maintain safe and organized Front Desk area
8. Provides a point of contact for service users wanting to access their 713 support worker (calling the info line or the worker)
9. Offer peer support through active listening skills and non-judgmental attitude
10. Share up-to-date information about drug use trends and practices in the city with coworkers and peers as they emerge (i.e. Dope Guide)
11. Works with and supports volunteers at the Front Desk
12. Attend regularly scheduled team meetings and individual supervision meetings
13. Participate in ongoing job training at AVI and in the community
14. Keep records (statistics) about services provided
15. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Programs, Harm Reduction Counsellor or Positive Wellness Program Support Workers.


  • Have lived experience with drug and/or substance use and related health and social conditions such as poverty, sex work, homelessness and/or other physical or mental health issues
  • Have a current knowledge of the local street scene and cultural norms related to street life, and can relate as a peer with people who access AVI’s Services
  • Peer support/education and/or leadership training preferred; for example, participation in AVI’s Street College Leadership Curriculum is an asset
  • Able to provide a welcoming, respectful and engaging space
  • Comfortable approaching and initiating conversation with others and ability to build good rapport
  • Interest in learning and eager to educate peers with a non-judgmental attitude
  • Good communications skills including active listening
  • Demonstrated commitment to working in a team environment
  • Understanding of the importance of confidentiality and boundaries
  • Dependable and able to show up for shifts agreed upon with supervisor
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the areas of harm reduction, safer drug use, safer sex, sex work, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, mental health, etc.
  • Good working knowledge of local health and social services
  • Ability to follow direction, provide/receive feedback, and engage in proactive problem solving
  • Demonstrated understanding and commitment to harm reduction principles and practices
  • Ability to keep a ‘cool head’ when tense situations arise

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to establish and maintain good rapport
  • Ability to work independently and in cooperation with others
  • Ability to follow direction, provide/receive feedback, and engage in proactive problem solving