Did you know we offer Queer Sex Ed for Youth?

Let AVI’s dynamic and experienced youth facilitators lead a discussion of sexual health and well-being using a harm reduction lens. bBy taking a queer centered approach to sex ed we make fewer assumptions about people’s bodies and relationships, making it more applicable and accessible to everyone in the room. This workshop is designed to share knowledge and skills about sexual health and building healthy relationships that are relevant to today's youth. We believe that access to relevant sex ed taught by other young people will help this generation navigate the complexities of relationships, dating and sex in a risk-aware way as they move through the world. In addition, we offer workshops on Facilitation Basics, Queer History and Food Justice. Please be in touch @ queersexedworkshops@gmail.com for more details.


Workshop description:

Our Queer Sex Ed workshop starts by defining what having sex even is, ways to build good consent practices and tools for setting boundaries and exploring desire. We then talk about sexuality as it relates to transness, disability, polyamory, asexually, kink, online dating and building family. The workshop finishes with information about STI transmission and local testing services, barrier demos 201 (making a dental dam, using an internal condom, using an external condom, gloves), sex toys and lube and a trans-centred pregnancy chat. We take a harm reduction lens and ensure participants receive the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our primary workshop is aimed at high school students but we have modified versions for elementary and middle school audiences as well that focus more on consent, boundaries, bodily autonomy, queerness, gender identity and navigating relationships.



River (they/them) is a young, anxious, trans, genderqueer, nerodivergent, able-bodied, farmer, baker and youth facilitator. They are a white settler with Ukrainian, English, Scottish and British ancestry who grew up on the banks of a river in middle class suburbia on Kwayhquitlum territories and has been living primarily on Lkwungen territories for the past 6 years. Their aprouch to sex ed is focused on arming folks with tools and knowledge to help them explore desire, redefine sex and have mind blowing, accessible, affirming, risk aware intimacy. They are a part of the Queer Peers collective at AVI, as well as a co-facilitator of Harbour, a peer support group for two spririt, trans and non binary youth.  When not facilitating they can be found playing with kids in the forest, gardening, cooking, reading and chatting with the ocean.


Ardeo (they/them) is a young, queer, able-bodied, non-binary facilitator and farmer. They are a white settler with Ashkenazi (from Poland and Ukraine/Russia), Serbian (from Bosnia and Herzegovina) and British (from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) roots living uninvited on W̱SÁNEĆ lands. They grew up on the territory of the Lkwungen speaking peoples at čən’it taŋ’exw. Ardeo has been involved in AVI through the Queer Peers program for a number of years and is also a core organizer with the Queering Schools Network. They’re passionate about changing how conversations about sex, relationships and queerness are happening inside the school system and beyond. When they’re not chatting about sex ed and queerness with youth, they can be found growing mountains of vegetables, curled up with a book and a cup of tea or planning their next camping adventure.


We’re also available for teacher trainings and adult workshops. Contact us for more information at queersexedworkshops@gmail.com