AVI's Year in numbers 2019/2020

This year in numbers

All the people who work at AVI know it is a busy place but every year there is a sense of awe when these numbers get posted. A huge thank you to all our volunteers and staff that work so hard to make a difference in our island communities.

The Year in Numbers:

# of new needles distributed across Vancouver Island: 732,421
# of used needles returned across Vancouver Island: 669,517
# of safer inhalation kits distributed: 35,871
# of testing events: 77
# of testing referrals: 556
# of condoms distributed: 84,960
# of clients registered in our Positive Wellness Program: 382
# of people trained in Take Home Naloxone: 5,323
# of meals served to people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C: 8162
# of group education sessions: 717
# of one-on-one harm reduction education discussions: 7480
# of service provider trainings: 78
# of people provided Opioid Agonist Therapy: 457
# of risk reduction counselling sessions for people living with HIV and/or HCV: 2153
# of volunteer hours: 10,954