AVI Service Updates – (May 14, 2020)

AVI Service Updates – COVID-19


    Campbell River

    • OPS and harm reduction distribution continuing with SD measures (reduction in number of booths etc)
    • Drop-in and groups cancelled
    • PWP offered via phone/email and limited outreach



    • OPS and harm reduction distribution with entry through the back door to better control flow with SD measures (reduction in number of booths etc)
    • Drop-in and groups cancelled
    • PWP offered through phone an email and limited in-person support
    • Outreach to community



      • Majority of visits by phone or telehealth
      • Office is still open but clients are encouraged to phone or email first (if they come to the office they knock and are screened before coming the clinic)
      • Urgent in office visits only
      • HIV primary care visits by nurse and physician over telehealth (also OAT patients)
      • Nurse dispensing PrEP and other medications at the office using SD measures
      • PWP is providing support via phone and email
      • Supporting peers to access harm reduction supplies for distribution



      • Our patients continue to be seen via phone or telehealth
      • The nurse and social worker are on-site most days and are available via phone, Zoom and in some cases in person, after appropriate screening
      • Outreach continues to the Westshore area if people need harm reduction supplies, Naloxone kits, assistance getting medications, food, etc
      • Groups are still cancelled but check-in calls are available
      • in order to reduce wait times and increase our response to community need,  Wednesday May 6th we will begin opening for an additional ½ day clinic
      • folks living in the Westshore area who are in need of healthcare related to their substance use are encouraged to phone us directly to arrange an intake



      9:00am-12pm, 1:00pm-8:00pm


      7:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:30pm




      • All groups programs cancelled
      • Harm reduction and OPS services have moved to Topaz Park with current hours of 10-2 and 5-9 with outreach between
      • Daytime harm reduction by buzzer only
      • PWP - drop-in space closed with packaged meals to go and by delivery; phone and email support for clients
      • Education staff working from home and /or assisting in above areas