AVI Service Updates – (April 2, 2020)

AVI Service Updates – COVID-19


  • Majority of visits by phone or telehealth
  • Office is still open but clients are encouraged to phone or email first (if they come to the office they knock and are screened before coming the clinic)
  • Urgent in office visits only
  • HIV primary care visits by nurse and physician over telehealth (also OAT patients)
  • Nurse dispensing PrEP and other medications at the office using SD measures
  • PWP is providing support via phone and email
  • All groups and drop-in cancelled



  • OPS and harm reduction distribution with entry through the back door to better control flow with SD measures (reduction in number of booths etc)
  • Drop-in and groups cancelled
  • PWP offered through phone an email and limited in-person support


Campbell River

  • OPS continuing with SD measures. Harm reduction distribution facilitated at door.
  • Drop-in and groups cancelled
  • PWP offered through phone and email and limited in-person support



  • Moved to providing as much via phone or telehealth as possible
  • Connecting with clients via phone or email
  • Some in person visits for urgent concerns or people who don’t have phones
  • All groups cancelled
  • Mobile operating as usual
  • Nurse available; offering STI assessment/testing/treatment, emergency contraception, PrEP assessment and access, Nursing outreach and contraception consultations. A phone appointment with the Nurse must be made prior to assess need. 



  • All groups programs cancelled
  • Outreach only for PWP clients with meal delivery. We are still checking in on clients who are at home and also devloping a plan for those who don’t have homes or phones.
  • Education - one staff in office providing support to people who are coming for groups and support to HR peer front staff; others working at home providing email/phone education information and developing/reviewing resources for online work
  • Afternoon outreach and OPS in the evening from 6-10. Over the next week and we will be moving to Royal Athletic Park or another location to offer our service there. This is a decision to increase our effectiveness and provide greater safety for clients and staff. We are also developing plans to be able to provide pop-up OPS but all of this is still evolving.