AVI Celebrates our amazing Nurses... featuring Corey Ranger

Corey Ranger, AVI Nurse, Consultant for VICCR, and Project Manager for BCcampus

How long have you been a nurse? Since 2011

What brought you to nursing? I knew that I wanted to help people but didn’t know the right avenue to do so. My mom is a nurse so I took a chance on it. As soon as I learned about street nursing and harm reduction, I knew where I wanted to be.

What do you like about your workplace? I love the relationships we develop with the people, and working hard to establishing trusting bonds.

If you weren’t a nurse, you would be: I dropped out of law school so maybe a lawyer? But a good one.

If you were a dance move, you would be: The robot.

If you were an animal, you would be: A koala.

If you were a instrument, you would be: Saxophone

If you had a million dollars to spend anyway you wanted to, you would: Pay off my student loans and purchase low-barrier housing for people in Victoria.

Any shout outs to other nurses you want to share? Marilou Gagnon, Tim Gauthier, Meaghan Brown, Carlie Patterson, Jodie Evans, Bernie Pauly, Rachael Edwards, and Hailey Mawer. And so many more!