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Men's Wellness Program

Men's Wellness Program

The Men's Wellness Program promotes men's wellness with the primary focus to reduce HIV and STIs on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands amongst men that engage sexually with other men.

We encourage gay, bisexual, transgender, Two Spirit, queer, and other men who enjoy having sex with men, to make informed choices about their own sexual practices and wellness. We educate men about sex – how to reduce HIV, hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections – and ultimately, how to cultivate attitudes and behaviours that support safe, strong and stable foundations for sexual health and wellbeing.


By taking good care of ourselves, we take good care of our community.

What the Men’s Wellness Program has to offer:

1. Information: We send out notices of interest to the men on the MWP subscribers email list. To join, please contact We maintain community information boards at venues around Vancouver Island, and publish educational material relevant to the health issues of the day concerning self-identified men who have sex with self-identified men.

MWP also produces the MWP newsletter, the e-magazine of the Men's Wellness Program.

2. Group support: The Men’s Wellness Program is committed to offering a safe environment for individuals to talk about being actively involved with other men, and how that impacts on their sexual, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing. We facilitate various group meetings, social events, health & wellness info sessions, conferences, and peer training in Victoria, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Campbell River and Port Hardy throughout the year.

3. Solo support: The Men’s Wellness Program Co-ordinator, Samuel Salvati, is available for one-to-one discussion and support in person, and also answers a support line at:  1-866-277-9055.

4. Outreach: MWP provides free access to safer sex supplies (Assorted condoms and lube) at Paparazzi Night Club (642 Johnson St.) in Victoria BC, and the Metro nightclub (728 Nicol St.) in Nanaimo BC. As well, we carry these safer sex supplies at AIDS Vancouver Island locations across Vancouver Island. We provide outreach to local cruising areas and dispense safer sex supplies to many other groups, events, schools and individuals on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

 Highlights from the Men’s Wellness Program:

• SHINE Conferences 2014: These conferences will be held in the spring of 2014 in the South Island and North Island, Vancouver Island BC. These conferences will reflect the diversity and intersectionality of the communities that support and encourage health, wellness, and community engagement for gay, bi, trans*, Two Spirit, Queer, and other men who enjoy having sex with men.

• Monthly Wellness drop-ins, 2014: community-based groups for gay, bi, trans*, Two Spirit, Queer, and men who enjoy having sex with men to come together for support and engagement about issues that are prevalent in the community.

• North Island Men’s Poker nights: a night of Poker, snacks, and sexual health and wellness in the North island area.

• Creating Connections (Victoria): every month on the 19th members from the LGBTQ community come together to swap stories, laugh, educate, inspire and eat desert. Hosted at AVI, 7-8:30 pm. Curious for more info? Contact

Stay tuned for some new programing and opportunities through the Men’s Wellness Program in the coming months.

Volunteers needed! We’re looking for help in the areas of outreach, administration, writers, fundraisers and event supporters. If you have a skill you want to share, an idea you want to make happen or want to help invigorate the gay, bi, trans*, Two Spirit, and Queer community scene on the island, then give us a call.

AVI gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada under the AIDS Community Action Program.

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